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          In 1992 QCRsuccessfully passed “North American Plan”of State Council Electromechanical Commission,became the first enterprisebrought Chinese-made power tool into America chain supermarket. 

          In 2001 QCR passed Germany Rhineland (TUV) ISO9001 quality certification system which provide a guarantee for product quality. 

          In 2002 QCR successfully introduced ERP enterprise resource management system which laid the foundation for the company’s production management system, and provide a solid guarantee for enterprise development. 

          In 2002 QCR became a commissioner of China Woodworking Machine &Cutting Tool Standardization Committee, and participated in review related standards of national woodworking machine, editing national standards of dust collector & splitter.

          In 2004 QCR successfully acquired Australia woodworking machinery’s top-notch brand-Woodfast, became the first enterprise purchased international brand in the industry.

          In 2009 QCR officially launched the domestic marketing, brand is Woodfast.

          In 2010 QCR worked together with Influence Training Group for “Enterprise Growth Triple Project” in order to lay foundations of building company culture and enhancing employee’s cohesion.

          Contact now,technology creat value.0532.88703457
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