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          Development Center  R & D Team

           Product Appraisal Meeting

          Technology Center has 21 professionals, including 10 middle and senior technical professionals.

          Technology Center consists of Product Design & Development Department, Intellectual Property Standardization Department, Product Packing Design Department and Prototype Labs.Product Design & Development Department has 5 professional project teams: Band Saw Project Team, Table Saw Project Team, Wood Lathe Project Team, Thickness Planer Project Team and Integrated Project Team such as Drill Press, Belt/Disc Sander, and Dust Collector & Air Cleaner.

          The establishment of cooperation by production, study & research with Northeast Forestry University lays the first stone for speeding up the transformation of scientific and technological payoffs and making the transition successfully to equipment manufacture.

          Maintaining long-term cooperation with TUV, UL, and ETL provides guarantee for product performance and safety.

          Since 2002 to now QCR has been a commissioner of China Woodworking Machine & Cutting Tool Standardization Committee, and participated in the formulation of national woodworking machine related standards, editor of standards: JB/T 1382-2010, JB/T 6546.1-2012 and so on.

          So far has obtained 5 invention patents, 25 patent of utility model and was named “Patent Star Enterprise in Shandong Province”.

          In 2013 was identified as “Qingdao Municipal Enterprise Technology Center”.

          Contact now,technology creat value.0532.88703457
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