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          News Center  2015-2011

          June 28, 2011 is a day worth to celebrate for company all party members and staff, the long awaited community party branch finally was set up! On the same day, companys 21 formal party members held an all party members conference. And elected the first secretary of the community party branch – Qisen Qu.

          Currently QCR has more than 350 staff, 21 party member.Because without community party branch, company party member cannot spend the organizational life. In order to give full play to the exemplary vanguard roleof party members, also to make convenience for party members, live organizational life on time, QCR established community party branch after the approval of the superior department.

          Onthe companys inaugural meeting of community party branch, branch secretaryQisen Qu said: Today under higher party organization’s leader’s lead andconcern, announced the establishment of community party branch. Since QCR established, has been developed steadily in the international and domesticmarket competition and obtained certain achievements,the establishment of community party branch has a very important position andsignificance in the history, helped to establish a distinctive flag within thecompany, firmly and earnestly implemented the concept of scientificdevelopment, played the political key role of party organizations. In the future, under the direct leadership of higher levelparty committee, community party branch will earnestly implement the partysprinciples and policies, will continue to absorb and develop new party members,to become the vital team of the company, and play a positive role in thedevelopment and construction of the company, and makethe best possible contribution to building a harmonious society.

          Contact now,technology creat value.0532.88703457
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