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          News Center  2015-2011

          In order to enrich employees’ entertainment life, give full play to the staff team spirit, enhance employees’ enterprise cohesion and pride.From March 14th to 31st, at lunch break time, the basketball game was held in the company basketball court. Departments responded positively and organized teams to enter the contest; offsite cheerleading was enthusiastic, cheers, shouts constantly heated up basketball game atmosphere.All the athletes, referees, staffs, audiences performed outstanding, staff actively did logistical  support work, referees impartiality, all QCR’s athletes truly played the spirit of friendship first, competition second, showed own style and level.

          After 12 days of fierce competition, purchase team and finishedgood inspection team successfully entered the finals. At 12:00 pm on March 31launched last championship, although everyone is close colleagues out of game,but in the game you raced I caught, did not miss any opportunities to win scores,in the expected eyes and friendly shouts & encouragement, after 30 minutesof hard fighting, finallydefeated finished goodinspection team by 30:16 absolute advantage won the Championship of thisbasketball game. 
          Highlightof this competition is the players fully showed QCR employees’ spirit, in the game full of sweat, self-display, the team spirit of striving for thefirst forever is worth learning for all presence. 12 days of thebasketball game successfully ended.

          Thebasketball game not only enriched the amateur life style of employees, but alsolit enthusiasm and confidence of majority employees to participate in sports.Let every staff who loves sports re-ignite the passion for sport. It reflectedenterprise spirit of emphasizing training staff’s integrated quality whichis always advocated by company. At the same time enhanced corporateculture thoroughly, promoted staff friendship, and cultivated spirit of teamcooperation. Competition achieved the expected results, while basketballsunique charm also showed us vitality of youth of QCR contemporary staff.

          In the future, company willcontinue to enrich life style of employees as the purpose. Starting frompromoting staff physical and mental health point of view to better organizemore colorful sports activities, filling enterprise culture construction,promoting the rapid development of our company business.

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