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          News Center  2005-2000

          The new VI includes: basic VI design part: company name, logo, identification,standard font, standard color, supporting graphics, forbidden rules and so on;VI application part: banner flag, Office supply, Office clothing, parking lot,sign, etc.

          Significanceof this VI-enabled

          1. Clearly distinguish between QCR andother enterprises at the same time establishing obvious significant industrialcharacteristics or other important characteristics of QCR to ensure independence& irreplaceability in economic activities; Clear market positioning  is an important component of intangibleassets of enterprises.

          2. Communicating QCR business philosophyand culture, usingimage vision to publicize enterprise.

          3. With its own unique system of visualsymbols to attract public attention and generate memory to make consumers producethe highest brand loyalty to products and services provided by QCR.

          Contact now,technology creat value.0532.88703457
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